Deaconess Mary McNeil, Director Christian Education and Youth Ministries

The Youth Ministries of Second Baptist Church are committed to teaching and encouraging youth to acknowledge and reverence God in their daily living, through mentoring, training, youth fellowships and youth initiated activities.

church school

Youth Fellowship

Youth Fellowship provides a forum for retreats, recreation, outings, arts and crafts, rap sessions and the like for all youth.

Youth Ushers

Youth Ushers allows the youth to greet, welcome and nurture those attending worship service.

Bible Study

Bible Study is provided for youth to come together and learn the word of God within their own creative environment.

Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts, sponsored by Second Baptist Church, enables young girls ages 5 – 18 to build courage, confidence, and character. Meetings begin in September and end in June.

Youth Council

Youth Council provides a weekly forum (Tuesdays) for youth ages 9-17 yrs of age, to come together in fellowship, sharing secular, biblical, and spiritual discussions.