Christian Education

The Christian Education of Second Baptist Church provides Christian education, training, and development to each sector of church operations, both individually and collectively.

Helps Ministries

The Help Ministries of Second Baptist Church ensure the comfort, hospitality, warmth, and welcoming of our corporate operations.

Sons of God Ministry

The Sons of God Men’s Ministry is committed to promoting brotherhood through fellowship, worship, prayer, and meditation. It is their goal to foster a relationship spiritually, physically, and socially with their brothers, elevating each other through encouragement seeking God first.

Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry of Second Baptist Church’s goal is to cultivate a community of spiritual camaraderie where women can learn, bond, and grow together by holding monthly fellowships throughout the year.

Multimedia Ministries

The Multimedia Ministry will have the responsibility and accountability for technology, social media, and video & audio production and operation in support of the church’s vision and mission.

Music & Fine Arts Ministries

The Music & Fine Arts Ministry of Second Baptist Church provides comfort, encouragement, healing, and spiritual enlightenment during worship services.

Outreach Ministries

The Outreach Ministry of Second Baptist Church is committed to promoting the vision of Second Baptist Church. The Outreach Ministry ministers to the community with scripture, song, and witnessing in the church parking lot, as well as, on the streets of the surrounding community.

Youth Ministries

The Youth Ministries of Second Baptist Church are committed to teaching and encouraging youth to acknowledge and reverence God in their daily living, through mentoring, training, youth fellowships, and youth-initiated activities.