Music & Fine Arts


Joel D. Rudolph Jr. Director of Music and Fine Arts Ministries



The Music & Fine Arts Ministry of Second Baptist Church provides comfort, encouragement, healing and spiritual enlightenment during worship services.




E.C. Davis Ensemble

The E.C. Davis Ensemble is composed of male and female vocalists providing traditional and contemporary gospel music.

Male Chorus

The Male Chorus is composed of adult men singing spirituals and traditional gospel music.

Rising Dove Praise Dancers

The Rising Dove Praise Dancers consists of two groups: adult and children. Both render praise and worship through liturgical dance.

“God’s Anointed Soldiers”

The Mime Ministry “God’s Anointed Soldiers,” ministers through the art of mime during our worship experiences.

Voices of Praise

The Voices of Praise leads the congregation in devotional worship through a medley of songs at the beginning/end of each worship service.

Drama Ministry

The Drama Ministry provides exciting and spiritual visual enlightenment of the word through theater.