Marion Thompson – Chair of Finance Ministry – ttax26@aol.com

Deacon Neola McNeill – Chair of Board of Trustees

Deacon April Jones – Chair of Board of Deaconess

Pamela Davenport – Director of Outreach Ministries – kaboom7@optonline.net

Deaconess Mary McNeill – Director of Christian Education Ministries – maryemcneill57@gmail.com

Brandon Pilgrim – Director of Youth Ministries –

Reverend Janet Sims – Director of Help Ministries – gotpraise@netscape.net

J David Rudolph – Director of Music & Fine Arts Ministries – jrudolph1786@gmail.com

Reverend David A. Holder – Director of Multimedia Ministries- david.holder@secondbaptistpaterson.org

Reverend Beverly Pearson – Administrative Assistant – theoffice@secondbaptistpaterson.org